Angela Yee Leaving The Breakfast Club

Launching her new on-air-show

image from the breakfast club official website – iheart

Tuesday night Angela Yee tweeted “The breakfast club as you know it is officially over.” Which left a lot of talk and speculation. The Breakfast Club has been a staple in the hip-hop culture for the past 12 years. There are so many viral and entertaining moments that made it such a phenomenon. Angela Yee has been co-hosting alongside Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy for 12 years.

On Wednesday morning she told her co-host, “This is really exciting. This is something that I’ve been waiting to do for years now, way before the pandemic. I had actually sat down with our big boss … and I was telling her, like, ‘Look, I really wanna have my own show.’ You know, I have my podcast ‘Lip Service’ and I was thinking I would be able to get something like a weekend situation.”

So, in the months to come Miss Angela Yee announced that she will be leaving the Breakfast Club to have her own show at iHeart. Her new show will be called ‘Way Up with Angela Yee’ and will be a nationally syndicated daily show. She will be one of the first African American women to have their own syndicated radio show.

This still leaves some of us to wonder if trio has grown apart. And, also keeping in mind that Angela Yee has mentioned previously iHeart had refused to give her a raise. She did not renew her contract for a weekend syndicated show with no raise for 3 years and she refused. She expressed why she was hurt and questioned if they had been doing a good job and why would they offer her something without a raise. Many are wondering if there is more to it. I guess we may never know. But, all in all we wish her the best.

The YouTube video is listed below.

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