Big Boss Vette

She is out here snatching souls

Single cover “Snatched”

Big Boss Vette is giving up hip-hop with unapologetic bars. She is a rising rapper from St. Louis, Missouri. With over 4.3 million views on YouTube, her latest single ‘Snatched’ is taking over. The success of pure creativity, catchy lyrics, TikTok, and YouTube and has sprung Big Boss Vette to real big levels.

The single speaks of the rapper in a relationship and basically taking a man’s soul in her hand. (Well you know what that means). On TikTok alone it had inspired over 20,000 video creations. The lyrics are explicit, hardcore and super catchy. And, we can get with it all day.

She’s no stranger to making dope hits and we wish her continued success as she keeps busting down walls in the music industry. She is definitely showing ladies how to boss up.

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