46 days after being shot makes touchdown

Brian Robinson scored his first touchdown 46 days after being shot and ran in a one-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter helping the Washington Commanders beat the Chicago Bears 12-7.

In August, Robinson Jr. was shot two times in his lower extremities. He was taken to a local hospital. It was said at the time according to police that it was an attempted robbery or carjacking.

Robinson Jr, paid tribute to his teammates, the coaching staff and his family for giving him the motivation to keep working hard towards a comeback.

“It was tough. I just had to keep my head high and focus on what I really want in my life,” he said.

“I want to be a football player, I wanted to get back on the football field so I did everything I needed to do in my power, strength-wise, mentally-wise to get myself back on the field.

“And I’m so thankful for this training staff and to everybody (in the locker room) for just helping me, pushing me everyday, giving me the extra motivation on the days I didn’t have it, just keeping me grounded to get out here with my team.

He added: “I want to tell my mom thank you, I love you. Without you I wouldn’t be here today.”

Congratulations are for Robinson Jr.’s recovery from his injury and to the team.