Champ Da General

Known throughout the music industry as Champ The General, is a new artist whose music is in a lane of its own that many call Trap-Hop, a blend of hip-hop and trap music.

His love for music started when he was just a kid in his hometown of the Bronx in NY. He listened to legends like Jay-z and Nas.

When Champ emerged on the scene, he was a teenager going on tour with 8 ball & MJG selling t-shirts and battle rapping for fun with other artist. Touring allowed him to network with other artist and through that, he bought a studio in New York with a friend. This is where Champ realized his talent and developed more love for the art of music.

Champ imagined a place where he could showcase his music and be around some of the best artist in the business.

After leaving New York Champ found his way to Atlanta, GA to turn his dreams into reality.

Champ decided to put a studio in his home and at the same time he created his own dream team known as GP Mafia, with Gold and platinum selling producers and artist whose music has contributed to the success of many.

Recently Champ released his new hit single “Shmoney Yo”, from his upcoming album.

Be sure to check out the artist on all social platforms. Also check out ViNM City TV & Radio put “Shmoney Yo” in the lineup on the ViNM radio YouTube channel.