Chillllllle! Safaree and Kimbella Sex Tap

Safaree to take legal action

Safaree got social media all up in a frenzy yet again. If you are living under a rock and you haven’t heard or seen it yet, the reality star went viral yet again. Safaree and his “speculated boo” Kimbella Matos, a sex tape was leaked.

Safaree tweeted earlier today that he will be taking full legal and criminal action against whoever leaked his sex tape with Kimbella Matos. What do ya’ll think?

My question is, “How do people keep getting all these tapes?” Many are wondering if is he the one leaking these tapes. Or, maybe he was “hacked!” Man we know Erica is sitting somewhere like will you look at that bull……!?

Tweet via Iamsafaree account on Twitter

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