Da’Shaun Marshall

Comedian, Host, Actor, Model & Entertainer

Da’Shaun Marshall is a young man who has made a name for himself within the Entertainment business. At the tender age of three Da’Shaun showed signs of wanting to be an entertainer. He would imitate dancers such as Michael Jackson and MC Hammer.  He would perform in front of family and friends. But, all was not fun and games.  As a child Da’Shaun dealt with challenges such as a speech impediment and having difficulties in writing and math. He struggled with a learning disability, labeling him as a special needs child in school.  He was also bullied by other kids. This did not stop Da’Shaun. He was determined to succeed. He used his challenges and turned them into triumphs.  With the support of his mother she tutored him and help him to excel to a point of academic excellence. He began to compete in talent shows and started to make a name for himself as an Entertainer.  In the JROTC High School Program where he learned discipline, leadership, respect, courage and honor.  

He was inspired by singers and comedians such as James Brown, Smokey Robinson, Dave Chappelle, Bernie Mac, and Kevin Hart to make his own presence know in the Entertainment industry.  His big break came when he made it to the semi finals of “America’s Got Talent”.  He sang some of his favorite songs to the judges and they were blown away. Earning him the right to move on to the next level in the competition.  He later was seen on “The Voice”, and the “X-Factor”.  These golden moments gained him TV exposure around the world.

So, what has Da’Shaun been doing since then?  Da’Shaun has made his Comedy debut by performing in churches, bars and local clubs. He displayed his unique talent of making others laugh.  He then realized he had found his calling as an Actor and Comedian.   His hunger to persevere grew intensely. He wanted to succeed and be great.  He was officially “on a mission”.  He refused to fail. His career grew rapidly, and he has been featured as an Actor in both stage plays and popular movies.   You may have seen him in The Dark Knight, Step Up 1 & 2, You Got Served, Jason Bourne, All Eyez on Me, Tango Royale, In Flight the Musical, and Get up to name a few. He has recently wrapped up the tapping for his first Comedy special in Las Vegas, where he Is the headliner.  And, get this,  it’s available worldwide on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Although Da’Shaun has faced some challenges, with his hard work and dedication he is proof that if you want it you can achieve it.  Knock down every door and push through every obstacle that tries to stop you. He is a multi-talented, dedicated to his craft and humble type of man.  He continues to expand his reach. He is proof that although you may face challenges you do not have to let them stop you from pursuing your dreams.  If you work hard and stand up to life’s challenges, you will persevere. Da’Shaun wants to inspire children with special needs or that may have been bullied.  He wants to encourage them to go chase their dreams no matter what they are. His message to kids is that you can do anything! In our eyes Da’Shaun you truly are an inspiration and definitely an Entertainer. You have arrived, and we are definitely looking forward to what’s next.