Doctor Behind Bars After Being Arrested for Sex-Trafficking Sting

Sadeq Quraishi placed on leave

Sadeq Quraishi, is an anesthesiologist at Tufts Medical Center. He is now facing a charge of attempted sex trafficking of a child after allegedly agreeing to pay $250 to have sex with an imaginary underage girl, according to WFXT. 

Quraishi unknowingly told an undercover officer he was “just not in the mood to get arrested today” has been detained in a federal child sex trafficking sting, a report from fox news says. The Boston hospital said in a statement,  “When we learned today of the disturbing allegations made against Dr. Quraishi, we immediately suspended his medical staff privileges, and he has been placed on leave while we await further information from law enforcement.”

So, what led up to the arrest? Quraishi’s arrest began when he responded to an online ad showing what appeared to be two 18-year-old females that described them as “beautiful flowers” who were “Travelin’ thru town on a lil roadtrip!” reported by WFXT, citing court documents. The undercover officer monitoring the ad told Quraishi through text messaging that the teens were actually 12 and 14 years old and available for sex in exchange for money, according to WFXT. 

Before Quraishi ultimately agreed to pay $250 for a sexual encounter with one of the girls in the ad, reported by WFXT , citing an officer from ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations department. Both parties reportedly asked each other if they were police officers.

“Hey you’ve been super nice and I appreciate it … just the age thing is throwing me … if you were to tell me she’s 16 or older and just looks young enough to pass off for 14 that would be a different thing,” the station quoted Quraishi as saying in one message. 

According to court documents viewed by the station. The conversation continued and the undercover officer replied. “It’s alright. I mean you can pretend if you want, but that’s why I keep it realz. case peeps don’t like it. shame. you were sweet but I get it.” “Ugh … man you’re making things difficult — seems like a fun experience … just not in the mood to get arrested today,” Quraishi allegedly replied, according to WFXT. 

The doctor also indicated while being taken into custody that he had paid for sex in the past, WFXT also reported, citing the court documents. Quraishi is now being held without bail.