KALI – MMM MMM Newest Song Release

Kali is a 21-year-old rapper from Atlanta.  Kali is a Warner Music artist. She first stepped on the scene through viral videos on TikTok.  She released her debut EP, Toxic Chocolate. She is letting everyone know she is not to be played with. The EP has songs that are turning tables on these men out here.  With songs like ‘UonU’ and ‘Standards,’ she is demanding and commanding consistency from the men she deals with.

Her next viral single, ‘MMM MMM,’ has taken off tremendously. She’s been these dudes in their place. Letting them know she is not just settling for anything. Her biggest shot came weeks after the song caught wind by a fellow Atlanta rapper “Latto” contacted her to hop on the remix.  Latto gave Kali her first-ever headlining tour in Los Angeles.

Check it out for yourself.

Kali single cover MMM MMM

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