Man Nose Rotting From Monkeypox

German man testing positive for Monkeypox, Syphilis, and HIV

A 40-year-old man’s nose began to rot after doctors assumed it was just sunburn. The man was sent back home. Shortly after he notices pus-filled sores spreading all over his body and the lesion on his nose turned black. The lesions were even on his genitals and mouth area, as reported in the medical journal infection.

He was diagnosed with Monkeypox and given antivirals to fight off the virus. He was also tested for other various sexually transmitted illnesses. He was told that he has undiagnosed syphilis and HIV. Unfortunately, the Syphilis had gone so long undetected that it spread to his organs and he had developed Aids.

The medication helped the lesions that he had by drying out the sores, but only the swelling was reduced in his nose. His case was more severe apparently because of his HIV left his immune system weak and susceptible to necrosis, which kills body tissue. An update on his condition has not been reported yet.

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