Mansone Batez

Mansone Batez is the newest album that will be released in the month of October by Mansone Batez. Mr. Batez himself took the time off of his busy schedule to sit down with us, in between touring, to discuss his new project.

“I am the last of a dying breed of emcee! Make no mistake…I’m in it for the long haul so get ready!”

First let’s dig into a little bit of Mansone Batez’s background. He signed his first record deal, at age 18, with International Bad Boy Records, which soon became Blunted Records. Batez was further developed, but never released an official album during his contract. He did, however, gain valuable insight into the industry and afforded the opportunity to tour with respected artists such as Prince Markey D, MOP, Grand Daddy IU, and Original Flavor.

By this time, the name Mansone Batez had definitely created a buzz and started a following in the local rap circle.  Batez’s talent soon became undeniable to his uncle Doug E. who eventually took his nephew under his wing.  Batez began working closely with his uncle and The Get Fresh Crew, even co-writing Doug E.’s fourth album, Play, which was released on Gee Street Records in 1995.  Produced by Frankie Cutlass, Todd Terry, and Doug E. Fresh himself, the album achieved gold status overseas with hit singles such as “Where’s da Party At?”, “Freaks” with Lil Vicious, “Hands in the Air”, and “I-ight”.  Batez also co-wrote the lead song for the The Sixth Man movie soundtrack, “Superstitious”, featuring Doug E. Fresh and R&B artist and radio personality, Miss Jones.  The film, which starred Marlon Wayans and Kadeem Hardison, was a blockbuster smash hit and the soundtrack also achieved remarkable success going five times platinum. In 2014 Batez dropped the Now Or Never EP.  Making record number sales overseas and abroad.  Batez continued to write and record. 

Leading up to his current album “The Drop” that is to be released early October 2018, the album includes songs such as Slow Down, Flip it and Godz of Slum. Slow Down is getting tons of airplay nationwide.

Of course, we had to ask. Why name your album, The Drop?  Batez simply stated, “The drop means to drop the old person you were and to become a new and improved person.”  With that being said, we asked Mansone, What future projects or plans do you have for your future?  Mansone told us that we can definitely look forward to more hit records from him and his upcoming UK tour. He also stated that he will have a role in the upcoming movie, Conspiracy Child, which is being filmed in Las Vegas, NV. He gives praises to Hollywood actor Nick Payne, to whom we have an article on in the following pages.

The album is available now and rocking airwaves in many states around the country and we definitely look forward to hearing and seeing a lot more from Mansone Batez in the near future. With the success of his career and future endeavors we are fully committed to seeing what the “new and improved” Mansone Batez has in store for us. Since the first release of ViNM magazine Mansone has given us a few new projects.