Martha Stewart’s New Restaurant

The Bedford opened at Paris Las Vegas on Saturday

Martha Stewarts’ new restaurant not only serves tasty food but doubles as an entertaining sideshow. The 194 -seat restaurant is modeled after Martha Stewart’s New York home. The dishes are prepared tableside and every time someone ordered one of her Smashed Baked Potatoes, the server holds the potato shoulder-level and swiftly and would smash the potatoes right there on the side. The server then shapes the potato into a creme fraiche, chives, and bacon lardons.

The dish can cost anywhere from $15.95 to a whopping $100 above that price. The dish has been upgraded, you can add caviar as well! The restaurant also serves olive oil-packed tuna and vermouth-dressed potatoes, Nicoise salad, whole roast chickens with herbed breadcrumbs, potato-filled pierogis with brown butter, and of course optional caviar. Check out the menu online.

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