Megan Thee Stallion Saturday Night Live Host and was the Musical Guest

Did you happen to catch Megan Thee Stallion on Saturday night live on October 15th? She introduced herself as Megan Thee Stallion, Tina Snow, The Hot Girl Coach, The H-Town Hottie, and “That Bitch,” as her haters know her. She goes on to mention her accomplishments and shows off her “British” accent that she claims she does so well.

She also introduced us to her mental health website Many thought was a joke but she stated it was in fact a real website. It provides access to people who struggle with their mental health.

SNL: YouTube Megan Thee Stallion Monologue

And, she gives super funny in the Hot Girl Hospital skit where they transform “mid as hell” patients into “bad bitches”. They absolutely do not provide actual medical attention. See below.

SNL: Hot Girl Hospital – Megan Thee Stallion

She was also in other sketches throughout the show with the rest of the cast such as, “We Got Brought,” which is a rap about three strangers. Deer, which was about a family and friends retreat at a cabin, with Megan’s annoying father played by (Thompson) who fails to see the deer outside the window. On Girl Talk, where host Mo’nique Money helps guests with cheating boyfriends, touches on career choices and stressful current events. Megan plays the character Stacy. Throughout the sketch, the entire dialog is made surrounding the word “girl”.

Although there were a few hiccups throughout the show Megan Thee Stallion did a great job at showcasing her many talents. Check out the SNL YouTube Channel to view all of the skits that Megan partook in.

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