“No Pressrue Pt 2” EP by Lakeyah

Lakeyah has recently released her latest Ep “No Pressure II” courtesy of Quality Control Music. Have you heard it yet? It is a 10-track EP that features artists such as Latto, Flo Milli, Lucky Daye, and more.

courtesy of Quality Control Music

So, who is Lakeyah? She is a 21-year-old Milwaukee-born rapper and singer. She started rapping at the age of 15. After completing high school she moved to Atlanta to pursue her career in music. In an interview, she says, “I remember losing all my money before I got signed, trying to sell stuff on Instagram,” she told BET.com. “Like, losing it all to the point where I couldn’t pay my rent. And I was just like I gotta do something. And the only thing that came to mind was dropping a mixtape. And literally, I don’t tell many people this, but I made $100k off dropping my own mixtape independently, on DSPs. And I feel like that just changed my life.”

She started her career out with Beyond The Music group. The group had success with a song called “It’s A Fucked Up Love Story” in July 2018.

Lakeyah decided to move on as a solo artist and released a mixtap called “Boo’d Up Keymix” on July 27, 2018. The mixtape had more than 1 million streams on SoundCloud. In November 2019 she released “The Keymix II” album and got over 200K streams in the first week alone.

Her current release “No Pressure Part 2” is showing her talent and range and it is most definitely one you want to check out. The opening song “Maneuver” to the last song “No Hook”, proves to be an album that many will have on their playlist. She effortlessly raps over strong beats and she is riding each one of them making her flows memorable.

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