Rebuild Your Laugh

Nakea Gray is the President, CEO & Founder of the nonprofit Rebuild Your Laugh in the greater Los Angeles area.  Nakea is a motivational speaker and life coach that firmly believes in therapeutically that laughter touches the very soul of a person. As a young woman with many goals and dreams she knew at an early age she wanted to be a business owner and entrepreneur. She is grounded by her strong religious background and belief in GOD, who leads and guides her on her daily endeavors.

Nakea is conscious of the impact that she has on others and how the right decisions will create positivity and influence others. She is determined to encourage and not condemn people for their own views and opinions. She uses her life experiences to empower the youth and women so that they know, “No matter how difficult the struggle is, laughter is the best medicine”.  She lives by her own moto. She loves to make people smile and connect with each other on deeper levels of their being. She firmly believes that, “Nobody gets to live life backward. Look ahead, that is where your future lies”.

Nakea serves on a few local boards including Survivors Empowerment Social Center (VP) & Trust South LA (Treasurer).  Ms. Gray is currently contracted to work with the Los Angeles Job Corp through her nonprofit and helping the inner-city youth. In her spare time is a full time momager for her fashion designing and modeling daughters Sisters 4 Ever.

She partners with CEOs, executives, communities and organizations and volunteers in the district 8, 9 and 10 regarding community outreach. She speaks for the state of California regarding standing against homelessness and domestic violence. Nakea knows how to truly drive conversions and get the people listening and talking. Ms. Gray is skilled working in PR and marketing and uses her time also to help and inspire other entrepreneurs to have their own brands and startups. She offers her professional expertise and guidance. Companies such as the real estate firm Trinity Home Solutions & ViNM Magazine have benefited from her branding guidance.

To date, Nakea has landed coverage in print and broadcast outlets around the world, including USC News, JKrodd Media, CIE Fashion Talk Radio, Magazines and her very own show The Morning Tea, to name a few. She currently also owns a taco company called Queens Tacos. Previously, Nakea was a former model. She has modeled for Generation 360 and RBE Modeling Agency while working with various independent photographers and designers.

Her service to others created an avalanche of assistance from all walks of life by beautifying communities. And, she believes that the most important characteristic a leader should possess is to do your part as a loyal committed person. Be the best at whatever you want to do with a lot of positive energy and networking.