Red January

Comparable to the legend of the Phoenix is the story of a songbird named Red who was once consumed by fire but has now risen, renewed from the ashes.

Red January is from Topeka, Kansas and currently resides in Dallas, Texas. Along with working in Corporate America, she works as a runway and print model, makeup artist, creative director, influencer and socialite. She does all this while juggling family and singing background vocals with Bricks In

The Wall – The Sight and Sound of Pink Floyd, a tribute band currently touring. 

With gospel roots, Red maximizes the use of her vocal and lyrical range to cater to her audience.  Her style evokes emotion and expresses life experiences common to us all – triumphs and losses; joys and sorrows.  Red delivers every mood.  Her life unfolds in her music; the loneliness, the love, the luxuries, the longings. Her Jazzy, throwback soul sound mixed with futuristic funk and classic hip hop will leave you refreshed and wanting more.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Bernal Photography

Who are you inspired by?

My uncle is one of my biggest musical inspirations. Todde “Toddefunk” Lawton, bass guitarist for Tobymac. I’ve watched him live out his dreams my entire life. It’s a blessing to be able to witness the music grind up close and personal.

I grew up watching him and his band practicing in my grandmother’s garage, to no touring all over the world with one of Christian music’s hip-hop/funk/rap trailblazers. He made me believe that my dream could be my reality.

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