Rick Ross Fined for Violations at Wingstop Stores

Boss is right, but BAD BOSS?

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Rapper Rick Ross is accused of making employees pay for their safety training, background checks, back wages, and uniforms. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Boss Wings Enterprises LLC has been hit with a $114,427 fine. The franchise has been accused of ignoring child labor laws and other penalties.

It is said that five of the Wingstop locations were hit with a fine for civil damages, backpay, and monetary penalties. The timeframe is unclear, but after investigation, the DOL found that many of the employees were making less than $7.25/hour after all deductions. This directly is not acceptable under the mandated minimum wage laws.

Employees claimed that they were forced to work overtime without properly being compensated and not keeping proper records. That all breakdowns to these figures: $51,674 in back wages and liquidated damages for 244 workers. That is about $211.78/employee and $62,753 in civil money penalties.

Rick Ross has been growing his empire and he has over 30 Wingstop locations. The Boss Wing Enterprise is run out of Southaven, Mississippi by Ross’s mother, Tommie Roberts, and sister Tawanda Roberts. Hopefully, the issues are rectified and will not have to be addressed again in the future.

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