Humble, Laid Back & Positive Mind Frame

Recently, ViNM Magazine posted a contest for followers to post their favorite independent artists that deserved to be on the cover of the newest upcoming issue. When it was all said and done the winner was an artist out of the UK called SHREDZ.

Coincidentally,¬†Shredz was actually in the previous issue of ViNM Magazine and he was then an artist in the Spotlight to keep a look out for. We reached out to Shredz and we asked him how did he feel when he was notified that he had actually won. He replied, “When I found out I won the front page contest I was ecstatic!

I got a message from the team and I had to read it twice out loud before it set in!” Shredz goes on to say that he had no idea that he would win the cover contest. His fans supported him and made it happen. So, with much thanks to them and thanks to ViNM for giving artist like him amazing opportunities like this.

So now, we know you want to know WHO IS HE? Where did he come from and why should we continue to know this artist? We got you covered. Keep reading to find the answers to every question that you may have and find out more about this amazing artist from the UK that is definitely bringin’ the heat in 2020.

Tell us about yourself.  

My name is John Sykes. I am a rap artist from Manchester, UK. I grew up in many parts of the UK but mainly Manchester, Hitting the streets with my friends. I came from a broken home and I grew up in the care system from a young age. I always had a passion for music. I used to listen to Bone Thugs, Pac, Busta Rhymes and many rappers from the US.

I took a particular liking to fast rappers like Tech N9ne and Twista. I then realized that I could do similar styles after trying it! I started making beats and continued to write more and more to try and push my limits as a lyricist.

What’s the difference between John Sykes and Shredz? Is Shredz your alter ego or are they one in the same?

Shredz is dark and emotional and holds a lot of deep thoughts with a volatile temper. John Sykes is a humble laid back guy with a loving heart with a positive mind frame.

How do you separate yourself from other artist?

I try to be different from others by delivering fast skippy flows and sticking to relevant subjects. A lot of artists glorify crime, money and drugs in their music. I don’t. There is too much of that going on in the world already so, I try to stay relevant and evolve.

What are you current thoughts on the current state of the rap game?

It’s poppin’ right now!! Big shout out to everyone doing their thing!

Who are you inspired by?

My inspirations are my fans, family, and friends. They inspire me to be a better person and improve every time I write.

Can you explain your creative process?

A chef never gives out his recipes. Maybe one day I will write a book! LOL. But, I will say my music delivers a message I am trying to get across. Writing is my escape. Every lyric is based on my life experiences. There are no hidden meanings or subliminal messages. I write to express my opinions and feelings at that time.

What’s your favorite part and least favorite part of being a rapper?

I would have to say my favorite part of being an artist is being able to reach out to others who relate to the music I make. Music is a powerful tool. It creates feelings and emotions. There is nothing I dislike about being an artist. I truly love what I do. I could do with a few more hours of sleep but that’s about it, LOL. I actually wrote a track called, “Nocturnal” which is on YouTube.

Do you get stage freight before a performance?

It’s more exciting than frightening for me when I’m approaching a stage. I say breath, believing in yourself and just go for it.

If you would like to read the complete article and purchase a copy of the ViNM Magazine’s second issue click here.

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