Stepping on the scene is Claire Dionne

Singer and songwriter out of Los Angeles

During a recent performance at the Sunset Rooftop in Hollywood, California this songbird was given plenty of compliments. Friends of ViNM Magazine kept sending messages and DM’s and insisted that we needed to contact her. So, we did. We listened to her music which is currently available on Apple Music. She sings in a soft melodious voice in her songs Beautiful People, Save Me & Lose You. Which are absolutely beautiful songs. We can hear the genuine lyrics, hope, pain, and realness in each song. The songs are very relatable.

So, who is Claire Dionne?

She is a newcomer to the music scene. She started doing music a little over a year ago in March of 2021. Being inspired by Aaliyah and Rihanna, she started her musical journey in hopes to share her story. Aaliyah and Rihanna, in her opinion, fall into the category of tomboy/girly and they were/are authentically themselves. Those characteristics shined through with everything they did and do. Something that she can very much relate to.

Claire Dionne wants to stay in her lane and be herself 100% at all times. She wants to be seen clearly through her artistry and inspire others to do the same unapologetically. She wants to give the world more of herself. She expresses, “If we allow it to grow us, pushing us forward, instead of holding us back, pain can be a beautiful thing if we allow it to be.”

Claire Dionne vocally has bags of character in her tone. She has a lovely tone and for it to be one of her first performances at the Sunset Rooftop in Hollywood, she made a good impression and started a buzz.

We look forward to seeing new projects and big things from Claire Dionne. We wish you the best. So, everyone needs to follow her on all social media platforms and stream and purchase her music as well.

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