Terry Presume “Don’t Like U”

The newest release from the Florida raised artist

Terry Presume was born to a Haitian single mother in Naples, Florida. With $200 in his pocket, he found his way to Los Angeles from his Golden Gate neighborhood in hopes of pursuing his dream in music. Currently, he lives in Nashville, Tennessee he writes and produces his music.

We recently discovered the sound of Terry Presume and we have been kind of stuck on it. We listened to his newest release on YouTube “Don’t Like U”, and it make us like him for sure. The lyrics are good and it’s a bit different type of style than most young artists are doing now. It reminds me of old-school rap with a new generation twist. The lyrics are easy to understand and memorize. A far step from the drill music that we are hearing on the radio these days.

In an interview with Complex magazine, Terry states, “I never approach music with a preconceived idea.” His songs are relatable and we can tell he puts thought into his music. Many of his fans are wondering why he hasn’t blown up more than he has. In 2022 he hopes to achieve financial freedom and a better understanding of finance and business as well as other creative gateways. His music is his life and he’s making it into “his sound.”

We sure hope he finds his way into mainstream music and more people find his music. You can follow Terry’s Presume here.

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