The Rapping Skateboarder, Mercury

ATL underground rapper is gaining attention with her distinctive sound

Photo Credit: Salim Garcia

Mercury was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and the rising artist is very vocal about being inspired by Kid Cudi. She started listening to him as a teen as well as Kanye West, Odd Future, A$AP Mob, and emo bands. She has a passion for skateboarding, but pursuing her career in music takes up a lot of her time. However, she does get motivation and aspirations by splitting her time between her music and skateboarding. Music allows her to express her creativity. Skateboarding helps to boost her confidence. As she explained to Pitchfork, “Every day getting closer and closer to landing a trick, and there’s no point in giving up because otherwise you’re just never going to do it.

In 2021 she released a trap-centric debut album MERCTAPE. Her latest album entitled “Tabula Rasa” was released this past April. The album has 10 with all songs striking issues about growing up. She was bullied in school and she uses that energy in her songs to express herself. Music allows her to make friends and let her feelings out. She told Pitchfork, “I was weird, I liked scary movies, Minions, and Slipknot,” she says with a shrug—and at 12 was diagnosed with the colon condition ulcerative colitis. Her teen years were spent in and out of hospitals, in a near-constant state of illness, until her colon was removed at 17. “I was sick so often, my entire social life was on the internet,” she says. “I only got to experience so much, so meme culture became my life.”

Mercury makes her music and creates her mixtapes, which focus on drill rap. She is making her mark and grabbing the media’s attention in positive ways. She is one to follow and keep an eye on to see how her career enhances over the next few years.

Check her music out on Spotify for yourself.

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