Volunteers Needed

Need Experience? Want to Volunteer?

Viisions In Motiion is seeking volunteers for ViNM Magazine and ViNM Radio/Podcast. Volunteers are a vital part of many companies.  Many programs would not be an option without volunteers. We are seeking volunteers for every department within the Viisions In Motiion company.

We are looking for anyone with social media experience who can pull in important, interesting, and local news. Anyone with experience posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, or Mailchimp can help improve important communications across the community.

We are looking for community ambassadors highly interested in different aspects of the neighborhood. If you want to support local businesses, you can work with communications volunteers for informative blog posts and share big news.

We are looking for someone with photography experience. Should have experience taking pictures at concerts, community events, parties etc.

If you are ready to mold the future of the neighborhood, please email our board at vinmmanagement@gmail.com.

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