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Located in Union, NJ, X-Fit Boxing is a Semi-Private Boxing & Fitness training facility that teaches real boxing techniques, self defense and personal protection. Owner & Master Trainer of X-Fit Boxing, Ahmik “Banga” Bryant has years of experience as both a trainer and competitive amateur boxer, as well as a formal education & respected certification in the field of exercise science.

Ahmik is a former “NEW JERSEY AMATEUR STATE CHAMPION ’04’ and NEW JERSEY DIAMOND GLOVES CHAMPION ’04’. As a amateur he recorded a record of 12-3-6NC. He was given the name ‘Banga’ by his New Jersey Hall of Fame amateur coach & father figure Donald Givens, and peers for his exciting style of boxing; as well as having one punch knockout power in either hand.

It was a no brainer for him when he decided to open up his very own facility and teach others. He set out with a mission to teach others to learn the fundamentals of boxing. X-Fit boxing is one of the best training and workout facilities in the northeast. Aspiring boxers, gym buffs, fitness addicts, and beginners are all welcome.

Ahmik believes there’s nothing we can’t achieve in life when we prepare our minds, bodies and spirits. At X-Fit Boxing our motto’s is, “FEAR NOTHING, CONQUER EVERYTHING!”

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Ahmik is dedicated to his clients and helping them reach their health & fitness goals. He prepares his clients for sports, competitions, getting back from an injury or pregnancy etc. So, if you are located near Union, NJ check out the facility and see how X-Fit boxing can meet your needs.

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Be sure to check out more information about X-Fit Boxing and it’s accomplishments on the website.

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