Y.S. Young Sleep

Born Mark Pierce in Rochester, NY in 1990. Y.S (Young Sleep) at the age of 12 performed a rap that would change his life forever.   His health teacher asked the class to write a rap about health or just a rap period,  and he complied. Everyone clapped and enjoyed the response.  It set off a fire in him that one has been able to put out. From that day on he started to record his own raps with friends.  He did this for fun and as most adolescence do,  the raps were all friendly fun making fun of girls and cracking jokes.

A few short years later, when Mark was 15 his brother and hero was taken away from him.  His brother Ricardo Sleep Pierce was murdered.  Y.S looked up to his brother and decided he wanted  to keep his brother’s name alive.  Choosing to take rap serious and make it a dream. He decided to call himself Young sleep, which later would be shortened to Y.S to honor his brother. He later  met another young rapper named T-lay and together they formed the local group C-ROC, with the help of T-lay’s uncle, Deigo. The group consisted of 6 members that  included Diego, T-Lay, B-nice, Florida Boy, Ant Man, and Young sleep.  At 16 sleep decided to go solo still working with his group brothers on his first mix tape “Northwest Swagg”.

The proof that hard work and dedication pays off he got his first break.   He appeared on DJ Superstar Jay’s.  He has recorded several albums and work with a number of DJ’s and more. Over the years Y.S has been fortunate enough to open up for Jadakiss, Joe Budden, Skyzoo, Chris Rivers, Freeway, Meek Mill, K.Camp, Cory Gunz and more.  The best is yet to come for this young rising star. 

We know your brother is proud of you and he would be proud of the young man and artist you have become. 

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